David Sassoon

A Life in Fashion - Bellville Sassoon Lorcan Mullany

25 Jan 2014 - 1 Jan 2015 


In 2011 British fashion designer David Sassoon donated his archive of hundreds of fashion drawings from the late 1950s to the 2000s to the Fashion Museum in Bath. This generous gift charts the history of the firm Bellville Sassoon Lorcan Mulanny as one of London’s top couturiers, and represents an unparalleled record of a life in fashion.


Three years later in 2014 this special display at the Fashion Museum celebrates both the gift of the archive to the museum, and the three extraordinary designers - Belinda Belville, David Sassoon, and Lorcan Mullany - who together have run this uniquely British fashion house for over 50 years. Twenty five choice evening dresses have been assembled by Mr Sassoon, each one lovingly kept across the years by Bellville Sasson’s loyal clientele, and now borrowed back especially for the display at the Fashion Museum in Bath. (Note – the dresses are currently part of a different exhibition ‘The Glamour of Bellville Sassoon’ at the Fashion and Textiles Museum in London, until 11 January 2014).


 “We specialise in a very British brand of grand chic”, said Mr Sassoon, and the display will include the pink taffeta evening dress decorated with pleated frills worn by Lady Beatty at the Proust Edwardian Ball in 1971, as well as a steel blue satin embroidered dress from the late 1990s and a mocha silk embroidered dress, inspired by a Chinese shawl.


A centre piece of the display in Bath will be three ensembles designed by Bellville Sassoon for Diana, Princess of Wales, including the cantaloupe melon silk ‘going-away’ outfit, that she wore as a young bride in July 1981.